Ben Saunders Age: 37 Lives: Cranbrook, Kent, UK A   self-confessed   total   petrol   head   and   now   a   highly   addicted   Sim   Racer, Ben   has   been   obsessed   with   all   things   racing   since   he   could   push   his favourite matchbox sized General Lee around a toy road mat. "I     first     got     involved     with computers   and   racing   when my   dad   brought   an   old   286 PC     home     from     work,     I washed   cars   every   day   for   a month   to   be   able   to   buy   my first      computer      game      - Motorcross Madness. From    there    on    in    I    spent hours     and     hours     bashing away    at    Geoff    Crammonds GP,   Toyota   Celica   GT   Rally,     Indy   Car,   Outrun,   Chase   HQ, Super   Hang   on,   the   list   goes on....  Eventually   the   heady   worlds of    Teenage    Angst,    Drugs, Rock    and    Roll    and    Women pulled    me    away    from    my early   racing   endeavors   and   I started   playing   in   punk   rock bands/    working    as    a    chef and     snowboarding     in     the winter.  I     did     always     manage     to catch   up   with   the   latest   GP   on   a   Sunday   afternoon   and   Hero   worshipped Nigel Mansell, Colin Mcrae and Kurt Cobain in equal measures. Later   I   toured   the   world   playing   guitar   for   2   well   established   bands,   All The   Mouth   Parts   &   Joeyfat.      I   ended   up   throwing   in   the   tea   towel   working as   a   chef   and   moving   to   Canada   for   a   few   years   where   I   spent   my   time throwing   myself   down   the   sides   of   mountains   all   day   long   working   as Snowboard   Instructor   and   sports   photographer   and   generally   ruining   my body. Whilst   out   in   the   cold   North   I   found   a   new   love   for   the   NASCAR   and Indycar   series.      On   my   return   to   the   UK   I   promptly   got   a   Motorbike license   and   set   about   emulating   my   new   heroes   in   John   McGuinness   and Valentino   Rossi   throwing   myself   around   the   Isle   of   Man   TT   course   (Best place   in   the   world),   Goodwood,   Brands   Hatch   and   Silverstone   on   my trusty sports bike.  I   also   spent   every   spare   penny   I   could   on   racing   cars   and   doing   track days    at    my    local    track    Brands    Hatch    driving    Lotus    Elise,    BMW    M3, Formula   Ford   single   seaters,   Aston   Martin   DB7   Peugeot   205   and   Citroen C1 adapted Rally cars. Whilst   at   home   I   set   about   starting   racing   online   and   after   dabbling   with the   Xbox   and   Code   masters   F1   series   for   a   while   I   finally   found   my   home at   Iracing   in   2011.      I   swapped   the   Xbox   for   a   PC   and   have   been   racing ever since.
  I   mostly   compete   in the      Star      Mazda with          occasional runs   in   the   Radical, RUF    and    MX5.        I am   now   looking   to turn    my    hand    to the        L79        and hopefully   in   time   I will   give   the   other 4x    guys    a    run    for their money. For     light     relief     I race       online       in Assetto           Corsa, Project     Cars     and like   to   try   my   hand at     the     new     Dirt Rally    sim.        I    also love          constantly rebuilding   and   improving   my   Sim   Rig   much   to   my   mrs   and   bank managers’ disgust! I    now    work    as    a    Draughtsman    using    AutoCAD    and    Revit    at    a Structural Engineering company in Kent.  I   live   on   a   Horse   Livery   in   a   tiny   village   on   the   outskirts   of   Cranbrook in   Kent,   I   drive   a   Toyota   Celica   and   ride   a   Honda   CBR   600   &   GSXR 750.