David Sustello Age: 62 Lives: Pennsylvania, USA My    name    is    David    Sustello.        I    live    in Pennsylvania,   USA.      I   work   for   the   local natural    gas    company    doing    daily    and monthly   demand   planning.      I   just   turned   60 years     old     recently     and     I     have     been interested   in   cars   most   of   my   life.      My   real car   is   a   1998   BMW   M3   that   I   like   to   drive around   when   the   weather   is   nice.      It   was one   of   those   things   that   you   want   early   on but    can’t    afford    and    as    you    get    older decide   it’s   a   bucket   list   item.      Life’s   too short! It    started    with    Pinewood    derby    in    Boy    Scouts    and    building    and    racing imitation   stock   cars   from   the   local   dirt   oval   track   down   the   back   alley   with   my friends.      I   got   into   model   building   pretty   seriously   through   my   late   teens   and early   twenties   when   I   discovered   the   F1   Tamiya   kits   out   of   Japan.      Built   most of   the   great   ones   in   the   late 70s and early 80s. Life   took   over   for   a   while and   I   put   the   models   aside to   build   my   second   house from    the    ground    up    and after    that    started    making furniture      to      fill      it      up.        People    saw    what    I    was making    and    soon    I    had requests   for   several   jobs, one     of     which     was     for display    cases    for    a    local
.     When   I   went   to   deliver   the   cases   to   his   new   store,   he   had   an   indoor   dirt oval   track   for   racing   there.      I   took   my   commission   in   the   form   of   a   1/10 scale    Associated     RC10     kit     and     my addiction   to   RC   Racing   began.      That was   the   early   90s   and   up   to   recently was all I did. I   don’t   remember   how   I   found   it   but GTR2     became     my     new     diversion.       Then   rFactor   and   several   other   race games.      Eventually   I   decided   to   give iRacing a try. I’ve   been   on   the   service   now   about   a year   and   a   half.      I’ll   race   just   about anything   with   4   wheels.      Always   want to   do   well   but   never   forget   this   is   just     a    game    and    I’m    supposed    to    be having   fun   doing   it.      I’ve   been   lucky.      I started    out    with    the    AAA    Academy.      Learned   to   drive   and   setup   a   car.      I joined    the    USCSR    endurance    race team and have been with them up until now.                                                                                                                                                   All really    nice,    helpful    guys.    I    am happy   to   now   be   a   member   of 4X   Racing   and   plan   to   continue racing long into the future.  The   most   important   part   of   online racing   isn’t   the   racing.      It’s   getting to   know   all   the   great   people   around the   world   that   I   would   otherwise   not have   the   pleasure   of   sharing   this   great hobby.