Erik Leukel Age: 20 Lives: Bochum, Germany
Youngest   member   of   4X   Racing   is   German   driver,   Erik   Leukel.     Andy   first   met   Erik   in   a   race   on   Monza   when Andy   inadvertantly   ran   Erik   off   track   on   the   opening lap   of   the   race.      Happily,   they   both   survived   the   episode   without   any   issues   :-)      Since   then   they   have   become   good   friends   and   Erik   was   invited   to   join   4X   Racing.     A regular   competitor   in   the   Lotus   79   Trophy   Series,   Erik   has   already   collected   a   couple   of   trophies   in   the   series,   but   not   the   elusive   overall   championship…   that   will no doubt come at some point. Erik   is   basically   a   road   course   driver   and   revels   in   the   challenge   of   the   Nordschleife   and   quite   happily   thrashes   a   Mercedes AMG   GT3   around   there   for   four   hours at a time in the VLN series as a single driver entry.  Before   iRacing   Erik   used   to   race   using   inline   skates.      He   once   did   the   Le   Mans   24   Hour   race   on   skates,   but   too   many   grazed   knees   made   Erik   realise   that   there   must be   something   more   civilized   than   racing   round   tracks   looking   closely   at   someone   else’s   rear end… From   the   tender   age   of   around   7   years   Erik   was   interested   in   racing   games.      His   first   racing game   was   a   freebie   called   Racer   for   the   Mac.      From   there   he   progressed   to   4X4   Evolution   2, Virtual   Grand   Prix,   Total   Immersion   Racing   and   from   there   onwards   to   the   early   Colin   McRae Rally   games.      From   there   he   moved   onto   NASCAR   2003   by   which   time   he   had   reached   14   years old and then became surgically attached to a PlayStation3. Erik   played   pretty   much   everything   available,   but   mainly   concentrated   on   Gran   Turismo   5   &   6 until   he   reached   the   age   of   18   and   decided   it   was   time   to   move   into   iRacing.      The   cost   of   iRacing to   a   young   18   yr   old   can   be   a   financial   strain,   so   Erik   ventured   into   the   music   business   and joined   the   famous   German   boy/girl   band   “Die   Beleidigte   Leberwurst”,   but   their   debut   single “Alles   hat   ein   Ende,   nur   die   Wurst   hat   zwei.”   didn’t   quite   make   the   hit   parade,   reaching   only number 973 in the top 1000 charts. Erik   realised   that   his   chance   of   rivaling Take That   or   One   Direction   were   fading   fast   and   quit   the group   to   look   for   other   means   to   support   his   racing   career.      After   many   hours   of   soul   searching and   scanning   the   local   job   vacancies   Erik   decided   that   the   world   of   logistics   seemed   like   a   safe bet.      The   logistics   service   now   has   Erik   giving   his   usual   flat   out   approach   to   logistics,   so   when your   parcel   arrives   before   it’s   even   been   sent   you   can   bet   your   bottom   Deutchemark   that   Erik has had something to do with it…! So    keep    a    look    out    for    young    Erik    on    track…    fast    and    furious,    with    a    touch    of    the    Max Verstappen’s   about   his   style.      He   won’t   be   in   your   mirror   for   long,   you’ll   soon   be   staring   up   his exhaust pipe as he disappears into the distance. Remember, you seen him first on here…
Erik used to race with wheels strapped to his feet before he found iRacing... Erik (far left) joins the boy and girl band... Erik takes his iRacing safety very seriously... Erik about to do something rude with a sausage...!