Here piggy piggy… Jos   van   de   Ven   has   a   new   paint   scheme   on   his   Ferrari.     After   his   little problem   with   an   Iberian   driver   on   the   recent   Watkins   Glen   6   Hour race   when   he   upset   an   Iberian   driver   after   overtaking   him   at   T1   when the   said   driver   braked   a   110   metres   earlier   than   Jos   expected.      This meant   that   Jos   had   to   “divebomb”   him   to   avoid   running   up   his   rear. The    Iberian    driver    messaged    Jos    calling    him    a    “piggg    big    pigg driver”. So to commemorate this we have done Jos a special paint job…
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Three NEW PAINT SCHEMES ADDED TO THE 4X RACING STABLE The   Pro   Mazda   and   Formula   Renault   2.0   have   just   been   given   updated   paints   for   2017.     A   generic   copy   can   be   found in   Dropbox   or   if   you   wish   it   personalised   with   your   name   then   contact   Andy   Morgan.      Also   available   is   a   Dirt   Sprint Car…   the   skin   works   on   all   three   version,   305.   360   &   410.      Once   again   a   generic   version   is   in   Dropbox   or   a personalised one is available from Andy Morgan.
4X Racing Not Running 24 Hour Races In The Future It   has   been   decided   the   4X   will   not   be   running   in   any   more   24   hour   races   for   the   forseeable   future.      So   any team members wishing to run with another team are free to do so. 4X   will   be   running   the   6   and   12   hour   races   in   the World   Tour   Series.      Team   members   are   reminded that   4X   has   first   call   on   their   services   for   these races    and    any    member    wishing    to    run    with another   team   will   need   to   clear   this   with   either Andy    Morgan    or    David    Sustello    before    they commit their services to another team. We   were   left   struggling   for   team   members   for   the last    couple    of    races    due    to    team    members running   with   other   teams,   which   left   us   struggling and   having   to   bring   in   drivers   from   outside   of   the team. Therefore   we   have   taken   the   decision   to   drop   the 24   hour   races   from   our   schedule.      The   problem   with   most   of   our   membership   being   from   the   Western hemisphere    was    that    it    is    hard    to    cover    the    night    stints,    when    team    members    have    other    real    life committments, i.e. work, family etc. Also,   any   members   joining   a   team   for   a   team   race   MUST   be   able   to   join   in   the   team   practice   sessions   and   be able to show that they can run at a reasonable safe race pace with the team setup.
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ANDY GOING AWOL FOR A SHORT WHILE Over   the   next   couple   of   months   I’m   afraid   I   am   going   to   be   falling   off the   radar   for   a   while.      I   have   finally   sold   my   house,   which   means   the upheaval   and   stress   of   a   house   move   and   the   loss   of   my   beloved “Mancave” shed in the garden…! But   fear   not…   the   new   bungalow   has   a   nice   garage   which   will   be converted   to   a   shiny   new   “Mancave”   complete   with   central   heating (hopefully),   so   no   more   shivering   in   winter.      But   this   will   take   a   few weeks   to   convert   and   also   build   the   new   Heusinkveld   rig,   which   is currently sat waiting in it’s box in the corner of my shed. Also   by   then   I’m   hoping   the   doctors   will   have   finally   pulled   their fingers   out   and   sorted   out   my   new   meds   for   the   rheumatoid   arthritis which   has   seen   me   having   to   sit   out   so   many   races   that   I   now   feel like a rookie when I do get to go on track.
The all new Heusinkvelk SimRig GT