Jack “Turbo” Turner Age: 55 Lives: Alabama, USA Sim   racing   since   around   1995.      Started   online   racing   on   TEN   somewhere around   1997.   It   was   horrible   because   we   were   all   on   dial   up   internet connections and the warping was awful. I   was   hooked   on   the   concept   though   and   when   iRacing   started   in   2008,   I jumped on it. 8 years on and I still don't know how to work it.  Father    was    a    pilot    in    the    Air Force    and    also    raced    cars    as    a hobby back in the 60's. He    started    in    go-karts    at    Mid Ohio    and    worked    on    up    to    a Lotus   Cortina   which   he   raced   in the   1967   Daytona   24   Hour   with the   likes   of   Bruce   McLaren,   AJ Foyt,    Phil    Hill,    Mario   Andretti, etc, etc. Also   raced   12   hours   of Sebring.    His    love    of racing           got           me interested                     in Motorsport       but,       of course,    he    sold    all    of his   racing   toys   before   I was     old     enough     to drive.   Sim   racing   is   as close as I will get. I     am     an     optometrist which   I   understand   is   not   even   a   thing   where   you   live.   Over   here,   that   is an   eye   doctor   who   does   examinations   for   eye   health,   glasses,   and   contact lenses,   but   does   not   do   eye   surgery.   I   retired   6   years   ago   and   have   not missed it a bit. Married   to   Bonnie   who   has   3   kids,   all   grown   and   doing   well   on   their   own.
I   have   a   daughter   from   my   first   marriage   that   lives   with   her   husband   in Washington State so together we have 4 kids, no dogs, no cats. Bonnie   bought   me   a   few   laps   at   Indianapolis   Speedway   a   few   years   ago for   my   birthday.   Got   to   drive   an   Indy   car   for   3   laps.   Huge   moment   for   me as I am a big fan of Indycar racing. Love   to   travel,   hike,   ski,   attend   college   football,   and   watching   any   form of racing. I   have   had   a   1960   Austin   Healey   Sprite,   the   “Bugeye”   model,   a   1977 MGB,   a   Honda   S2000,   and   a   few   motorcycles.   Bonnie   and   I   traveled quite     a     bit     on     a Honda              Goldwing around to a number of Nascar tracks. Currently   have   nothing   of   interest.   I   drive   an   old   pick   up   truck   which   is required   if   living   in   Alabama.   Bonnie   and   I   like   to   do   a   lot   of   hiking   to stay   in   shape   and   see   interesting   places.   She   is   a   speech   pathologist   with the   school   system.   ( SPEECH    PATHOLOGIST…?        DOES    THAT    MEAN    SHE LIKES TALKING ABOUT DEAD THINGS…??? ) Now   Jack   hasn’t   said   much   about   his   Sim   Racing…   but   he’s   one   of   the mainstays   in   the   Old   Guys   Rule ”   gang   of   three…   Morgan,   Sustello   and