Jos van de Ven Age: 61 Lives: Breda, Netherlands In   2012   I   discovered   iRacing   at   the age   of   56.   Bought   a   year   subscription but    did    not    played    it    a    lot.    That changed   after   I   started   working   part- time.    So    now    I    have    more    time    to educate myself in racing. I     bought     some     equipment     like     a Thrustmaster    T500RS    and    build    a racing seat from wood. If   this   simulator   still   has   my   attention in   2018   I   will   take   the   next   step   and will   buy   an   OSW   direct   drive   wheel and    a    professional    pedal    set    from Heusinkveld     Engineering.     Also     an aluminium   rig,   a   virtual   reality   set   and a new computer is on my wish list. At   this   moment   I   am   racing   on   a   27” single    screen    late    2015    iMac    under bootcamp   (Windows   10)   with   trackIR and   iPad   as   button   box   and   iPhone as   JRT   Dashboard.   I   am   also   using an   old   19”   screen   as   second   screen for Discord and JRT Timing window. In   real   life   I   live   in   the   south   of   the Netherlands   in   the   city   of   Breda,   near
by   the   Belgium   border   together   with   my   wife,   Marian,   since   1984   (not   married,   but we have a contract). I   have   always   worked   there   for   more   than   30   years   as   bus   driver   in   the   public transport. Another   hobby/sport   is   bowling   which   I   practice   once   a   week.   Also   I   have   a   very general    knowledge    of    computers    and    their    operating    systems,    like    MacOS, Windows, Linux and FreeBSD. That is another hobby. After   we   met   in   the   iRacing   60PLUS   league Andy   decided   to   ask   me   to   join   the   4X Racing   team   which   I   gladly   accepted.   I   think   my   strength   is   endurance   racing because once I get in the flow I can repeat my actions for a long time. When   I   work   as   bus   driver   I   always   listen   to dance   and   house   music   of   DJ   Hardwell,   who also   lives   in   my   city   Breda.   With   this   music   I can     concentrate     really     good     and     am     not distracted   by   others.   I   have   the   same   feeling when   I   am   racing   with   the   monotone   sound   of the   engine   and   tires   and   gear   shifts.   Maybe   I am a little autistic.