Klaus Petersen Age: 48 Lives: Augsburg, Germany I   hardly   made   it   to   be   a   member   of   the   “glorius   born   in   the   sixties”   club when I arrived at the startline in 1969. Motorsports   were   fascinating   me   from   the   beginning.   Even   it   was   a   hard time   for   a   young   fan   to   see   his   idols   die   in   a   row   in   those   days,   the famous Lauda crash is one of my earliest memories on Formula One. Early   on   I   got   my   nickname   as   “Ronnie”   from   famous   driver   Ronnie Peterson   because   of   my   passion   for   him.   The   sad   end   everybody   knows about, followed by Gilles Villeneuve, Stefan Bellof and so on. Living   near   Augsburg,   Bavaria   I   was   able   to   visit   some   races   at   the Norisring    in    Nürnberg    and    on    the    Salzburgring    in    Austria.        Alltime favourites for me were the Group C races held there. Only   a   few   miles   from   my   door   is   a   hillclimb   track.      We   often   used   to prove   our   skills   on   different   types   of   vehicles   from   Cycles,   Rollerblades and   even   worse   things,      until   we   were   able   to   use   motorcycles   and   cars when    we    got    older.        Once    a    year    I    try    to    get    a    few    laps    on    the Nordschleife.        Sometimes    it    gets    expensive    too    as    the    photo    below shows…!!!   I   started   simracing   in   the   early   days   with   Indianapolis   500   and   Grand   Prix 1-3,   Grand   Prix   Legends,   NASCAR   2003   and   finally   rFactor.   In   rFactor   I started   to   do   my   first   online   races.   Somehow   I   get   a   code   for   iRacing   a few   years   ago   and   I’m   still   here..!   I   had   the   luck   to   join   Jorgens   #1AAA Academy   the   last   season   he   ran   the   multiclass   races   and   I   learnt   a   lot there about simracing. After   the   series   stopped   I   switched   around   in   several   leagues   but   none gave   me   the   same   fun   that   the   #1AAA   did.   Finally   Team   Racing   was introduced    and    somehow    a    few    old    AAA    guys    found    their    way    back together.
  In   official   series   I   run   the   Kamel   GT   and   the   VLN,   sometimes   the   good old   L79.   But   due   to   my   limited   time   I’m   not   often   seen   at   the   grid during the weekdays. I   define   myself   as   “gentlemen   driver”,   main   goal   is   the   fun   in   racing with   gentle   guys   …and   it   looks   like   I   finally   found   a   new   home   here   in 4X.  But never underestimate an old man who listens to AC/DC