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VLN RACE 1 RESULTS The   first   race   in   the   2017   iRacing   VLN   Series   has   been completed.      4X   Racing   saw   two   teams   take   the   grid.   One   team   in   the   Saturday   1400   GMT   race   and   another the Sunday 0300 GMT event. First   up   was   Sustello/Morgan   in   their   Mercedes   AMG.      They   had   a good   run   in   Split   3   to   bring   home   the   car   in   5th   place   overall   from   a start position of 12th. Sustello   did   the   first   two   stints   before   handing   over   the   car   to Morgan    who    then    brought    the    car    home.        A    couple    of    small incidents   with   walls   had   slowed   the   car   slightly   with   some   aero damage   and   it   was   planned   to   use   the   fast   repair   at   the   driver change.      But   for   some   reason   iRacing   decided   to   turn   it   off   as   they came   onto   pitroad   and   Morgan   had   to   wait   until   his   last   stop   to   use it.        Which    in    some    ways    was    a    blessing    as    an    over    exuberant Mercedes   decided   to   rear   end   them   as   he   approached   the   pit   limit cones…! van   de   Ven/Petersen   took   the   late   shift   and   ran   the   Sunday   morning race.      Starting   17th   in   Split   1   they   brought   the   car   home   9th   overall and   6th   in   GT3.      Petersen   had   an   incident   with   a   wall   which   caused some   damage,   but   that   was   fixed   at   the   next   pitstop,   but   it   did   cost them   a   few   positions   overall.      They   had   a   close   finish   though,   with the next car only .4 secs behind them. Both   teams   scored   the   same   amount   of   points…   108.      So   are   sitting together in positions 58th, 59th 60th & 61st. The   team   of   Leukel/Van   Heuman   were   non   starters   as   Erik   had   PC troubles and Tom thought the race was next week…!
The   8th   round   of   the   60PLUS   League   saw   4X   Racing   take   a   1   -   2   in   the HPD’s   at   Spa-Francorchamps.      In   a   front   row   lockout   4X   Racing   took   pole with   Andy   Morgan   edging   out   team   mate   Jos   van   de   Ven   by   just   a   10th   of   a second.      From   there   it   was   a   commanding   performance   by   the   Welshman   as he led from lights to flag for the 21 laps of the legendary Belgian circuit. Initial   challenges   came   from   Donald   Strout,   but   he   had   a   computer   problem which   saw   him   drop   back   around   30   seconds   from   where   he   was   to   finally come   back   to   finish   a   creditable   3rd   overall.      Jos   van   de   Ven   had   a   couple   of small   half   spins   which   was   to   mar   his   race,   but   Jos   also   overcame   these problems   and   was   handed   2nd   overall   when Andrew   Fiddler   ran   out   of   fuel   on the last lap. This   latest   result   has   closed   up   the   gap   to   series   leader   Donald   Strout   and with   2   races   still   to   go   in   the   series,   it   is   still   all   to   play   for   as   Jos   and   Andy now   hold   2nd   and   3rd   overall   and   just   2   points   apart   in   the   series   behind Donald   Strout   who   still   leads   the   series   by   21   points.      With   50   points   still available it will be an interesting end to the season.
VLN RACE 2 RESULTS The   second   race   in   the   2017   iRacing   VLN   Series   has been   completed.      4X   Racing   saw   two   teams   take   the   grid once    again.        This    time    both    teams    competed    in    the Saturday   1400   GMT   event   and   as   an   added   bonus   they were both in the same split. First    up    was    Sustello/Morgan    in    their    Mercedes    AMG.        They qualified   13th   overall   in   Split   3.      Next   up   was   van   de   Ven/Petersen also   in   their   Mercedes   AMG   just   two   places   back   in   15th   on   the grid. Sustello   did   the   first   stint   before   handing   over   the   car   to   Morgan   for the   second   stint.      van   de   Ven   started   the   race   for   his   team   before handing over to Petersen who ran the two middle stints. Sustello   had   done   a   stirling   job   making   up   10   places   to   hand   over in   3rd   to   Morgan,   who   handed   back   to   Sustello   for   stint   3   in   2nd place.      Petersen   was   close   on   the   heels   of   Sustello   when   he   handed back   to   Morgan   and   Petersen   handed   back   to   van   de   Ven   for   his final stint. As   Morgan   exited   the   pits   he   saw   the   Mercedes   of   Jiminez   going through   to   take   away   the   2nd   place,   demoting   them   back   to   3rd.   But   Morgan   was   more   concerned   with   van   de   Ven   who   was   less than   2   seconds   back   and   looking   for   the   position.      Sadly   the   fight was   not   to   be   as   van   de   Ven   made   an   uncharacteristic   error   going round   an   MX5   on   the   lefthander   before   the   approach   to   Flugplatz and   backed   it   into   the   guardrail.      But   Jos   held   onto   his   4th   position by less than a second at the finish. Morgan   went   on   to   take   3rd   overall   ending   a   good   event   for   4X Racing.  The next event is scheduled for 17th June.
PETERSEN CRASHES OUT OF ROAD AMERICA 500 The outcome of this incident saw Klaus Petersen with 40 minutes of repairs after hitting the Audi 90 GTO and effectively ended his race.
SUSTELLO DOES POCONO AND MAKES IT ONTO TV Spot the 4x racing team member… here’s a hint… look for a yellow shirt.