Franz-Josef Stumm Age: 52 Lives: Heinsberg (nr. Aachen), Germany
Born on 1964 I'm not the oldest guy here, sometimes I feel it though... Allways    called    “Stummi”    because    Franz-Josef    is    too    long...    I    was allways interested in motorcycles, motorsports and simracing. I   bought   my   first   motorbike   when   I   was   18   and   from   than   I   always bought   more   powerfull   sport   bikes.      The   last   ones   were:   Kawasaki GPZ900R,   Kawasaki   ZXR-750   and   a   Suzuki   GSXR-750.      Just   living 100   miles   away   from   the   Nürburgring   is   a   nice   thing   when   you   have   a motorbike.      I   never   had   a   crash   on   the   racing   track   but   some   excursions on   normal   streets   mostly   no   fault   on   my   side.   The   last   one   was   a   bit lucky,   so   I   stopped   motorbike   driving,   my   bike   looked   a   bit   second   hand at least... Several   years   ago   I   did   RC-car   racing   in   a   club   here   with   battery   driven cars   outside   on   tracks   and   inside   on   carpet.   That   were   1/12th   and 1/10th    scale.    Did    compete    in    some    national    and    one    european championship, with some good results.
I   started   simracing,   as   far   as   I   remember,   decades   ago   on   a   C-64, with   a   game   called   “Revs“.      For   that   I   built   myself   my   first   analogue joystick,   because   at   that   time   there   was   nothing   to   buy   on   the market.   With   two   potentiometers   and   a   lot   of   mechanic   hardware   it did the job very well, german engereering at it's After   that   I   bought   the   first Amiga   available   and   a   few   years   later   the first   PC.      I   remember   some   soldering   work   on   the Amiga   to   increase ram   memory:   lots   of      ram   chips   soldrered   on   the   existing   ones   on the   main   board,   a   few   hundred   contact   and   lots   of   wires.   Try   to explain that to younger people nowadays... I'm   now   not   quite   sure   on   which   hardware   I   played   my   first   “Grand Prix“   sims   (by   Geoff   Crammond   I   think   it   was).   I   bought   the   whole series   of   sims   including   all   addons.   That   Sim   was   really   fasinating, years   ahead   of   all   other   sims   at   that   time.      Then   I   had   a   first   look   at “Indy   500“,   really   not   bad,   graphics   were   a   bit   out   of   date   at   the beginning. Then   for   several   years   a   played   a   really   nice   sim   callede   “Live   For Speed“ which is still available but a bit lazy on upgrades. I   started   iRacing   on   another   acount   name   on   2008.   I   still   can   read the    sentence,    “Became    a    founding    member    of    iRacing    on August 07, 2008“ I   think   you   needed   an   inviation   to   start   it.      Since   then   I   did   the   usual steps   on   licence   promotion   to   become   a   A-class   driver,   I   think   I once had a pro driver licence for a short time. My   favourite   cars   here   were   the   Lotus   79   and   the   Indycar.      For iRacing   I'm   now   using   a   Fanatec   Clubsoprt   Base   V2   with   F1   rim.   Pedals   are   selfbuild   with   a   load   cell   on   brakes   an   an   analogue magnetic hall sensor on accelerator. Because   family   life   is   nowadays   very   busy   I   now   don't   have   the   free time to do many races at iRacing, but sometimes it still works...